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Christmas Break is Over!

posted on January 6th, 2018

* My Christmas break was nice and much needed.
* The underwater resource spawn at (239,200) was removed.
* I removed some more annoying profanity filter names from GM suggestion.
* I'm hoping all the issues with the Potty Mouth filter have been resolved.
* Player names with Jewel should no longer be flagged as racist.
* Logs should properly show up for 2017.
* The top client crashes were fixed.
* A new test server will be created.
- This will allow features to be created and tested
- Programmers are notoriously horrible at testing their own code
- The test server will have a separate launcher, patch server, and client.
- The server will be hosted on an Intel stick the size of a candy bar. :)
- This server will also allow multiple developers work on the game at once, so start to expect more content changes. One of the more jaded GMs added... (and more bugs)
* The water geometry has been removed from the navigation mesh. This was the culprit of making critters go underground.