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Last patch before Christmas

posted on December 20th, 2017

* Vendors and the Market will now serve players with negative tokens.
* When you log into the server, the title bar shows your player name.
* I accidentally removed the help menu item when I added tokens support a few months back. It's back!
* Fixed an issue where Sitish Felhounds weren't awarding points for the contest.
* Due to potty mouths in the public channels, we have added a potty mouth filter.
- Tells, group chat, and guild chat are not monitored, since you're likely talking to people you know, and it's not public.
- If you are caught being a potty mouth, you'll get a time out for ten minutes.
- I'm not listing the potty mouth words here. (for obvious reasons)
- It affects your entire account. If you log out and back in before ten minutes, you'll still have to wait it out.
- Don't be a potty mouth.
- You can always add offensive players to your ignore list.
* GMs got a lot of cool tools for dealing further with naughty players.
* I doubled the effect of demoralizing howl.
* I fixed several sources of client crashes thanks to Steam logging the client crashes.
* I fixed two sources of critters getting stuck in the navigation mesh.
- Mopey the junior cargo tortoise shouldn't give up so easily anymore.
- Critters shouldn't get stuck while retreating.
* Wolves doing a lunge followed immediately with a bite should get the correct damage.
* A lot of damage skills have gotten their damage rounded off instead of showing all the precision. (which was annoying)
* Pets and escorted critters still teleport to player, but not as often. This was causing escort missions to be super easy.
* Increased range for fixed range skills:
- Sheep: Head Butt, Round House, Shin Kick, Back Kick, Raging Waters, Static Bolt
- Wolf: Bite, Tackle, Shred, Pin, Maim
- Catgirl: Scratch
- Scrapper: Hammer Smash, Hammer Spin