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E-mail Validation Fixes

posted on December 13th, 2017

This is my first major Post-Steam release patch. The patch is mostly a LOT of things I should have had fixed before, but I didn't realize they were problems. Consider this the theme of the patch. (probably the next one too...)

* Hoof Slam (a sheep attack) broke because the navigation mesh doesn't have an accurate idea of players and critters being on the ground. I adjusted the server's concept of being ground-based. Remember, Hoof Slam doesn't fire off until the sheep hits the ground. Also, only ground based critters and enemy players take damage from the attack, so if you jump in the air or are flying, you're immune. This should give some nice ideas to wolves right about now.
* We still have issues with the navigation mesh as far as critter clumping and critters getting stuck. I'm working through these problems one at a time, so please be patient.
* The Client.exe will no longer come up in full screen mode. This addresses problems with black screens at startup. In case you're curious, you can toggle full screen mode by hitting Alt-Enter. That's a pretty standard key sequence for 3D games.
* If your account has an unvalidated E-mail address, then this patch is just for you. Really!
- I simplified recovery, password changes, and e-mail validations to pretty much be the same. They all validate your E-mail.
- If you're in game, you can request a new validation code by opening options (control-O). Look at the Account tab, and it shows all your account/email information. You can even change your password using this tab.
- You can use the account tab to change your E-mail address. This is totally new. If you change your E-mail address, then you will need to revalidate that address.
- A lot of testing went into this feature, so I have a lot of confidence in it.
* We had a minor emergency when a bug was found in the market. I found the problem within five minutes. I left out a single line of code. I may need to move back some tokens for some of the more "enterprising" players. We'll see during the down time.