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posted on December 5th, 2017

* Steam achievements should no longer give you the level 10 version of an achievement by mistake.
* Will I take away the level 10 achievements if the player didn't earn it? Nope.
* Lucky bunnies should now appear in your inventory. I had forgotten I turned it off temporarily.
* Chat channel names with spaces are now legal.
* An item description for level cakes and a better description for the recipe were both added. Existing items aren't affected though.
* Pets now should cross the bridges with their players. (good news)
* Bad critters such as trolls can now attack your across bridges. (not so good news)
* Not all places are covered by the navigation mesh yet -- please be patient.
* Since it's December, Elf Hats will now be given out!
* Also, the pattern for elf hats will be given out as prizes in the crafting contests. Crafted Elf hats have an amazing amount of quality.
* In the next patch, I hope to address the problem of unverified accounts. You'll be able to change the E-mail associated with the account.