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Pre Steam Patch

posted on November 22nd, 2017

* Teleportation items no longer teleport you underground.
* Rainbow tiles now send you to a better place.
* Vendor dialogs and inventory now have buttons for buying tokens.
* Most of my work went into integrating the game into Steam.
- The Steam features are dormant until the client.exe is launched via Steam.
- Token purchases under Steam will use the Steam Wallet. Using the old launcher will use PayPal.
- Although the code for Steam achievements is up and working, I'm still waiting for art assets. Achievements will slowly trickle in as these assets become available.
- After a normal Account/Password login, your Steam account will have an association with the Secondhand Lands account.
- The Steam express login button will appear after a normal login. This allows you to just press a button to log in -- no password needed.
- If you log in with a new account using Steam, then the Steam express button will use the newly used account name. This allows you to access multiple accounts from Steam.
* The old way to log in using the Launcher.exe still works. Steam doesn't allow you to multi-log, so the old way is still very handy.