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Pals with PayPal!

posted on October 7th, 2017

* Several typos for Fire Island quests were fixed. Thank you GM Scapegoat!
* I obliterated some instances of not using GMT time in database calls. This was causing six hour buffs if you logged out during an active buff. I would have fixed it sooner, but it errored out in favor of the player.
* Fixed a problem in the player info dialog where scrappers and wolves had a cut off tab.
* I removed the GM snare command. I promise to replace it with the ability to send unruly players to poop prison in the future though.
* Pet treats are really really on the vendors. Also, I removed some of the silly crud off of the vendors like cotton cloth and pine wood.
* I widened the info dialogs for longer titles.
* Depositing an illegal item in either vault will only scold you once instead of three times.
* Non-tradable items can now be moved into your personal vault. This was the idea of the GMs. They threatened to revolt (and turn me into a troll wearing a diaper) if I didn't make this change. Also, this is handy for collection albums.
* Several holes on the edge of the world were patched. We can't have you flat landers falling off the edge.
* I've made some changes to the server events so that factions should be able to win the event. This factors into factional domination.
* More information has been added to the factional domination info on the faction stones.
* GM Message now uses the system color instead of the guild color.
* Stackable items given as part of a secure trade will now stack instead of using their own inventory slot. You have the GMs to thank for suggesting this.
* Daily Grind items now stack properly.
* You can now have timestamps with your text logs. Previously, you only got timestamps if you were saving your text log to disk. Also, I removed timestamps for disk. Yet another insane and unpractical demand from the GMs. Don't tell them I said that.
* The navigation mesh generation has been refined to accept more obstacles. There are a few obstacles in the game that haven't been included, but they should be countable on one hand. This means that pets and critters won't be walking through objects (as often).
* Fixed a problem where multiple duplicate windows could be opened, and you couldn't close them all.
* PayPal is now live, so you can buy tokens.
* A lot of unseen token support is in place to pinpoint any token purchase problems, and you won't lose your purchase.