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Getting Close to finishing 3 of 3!

posted on September 10th, 2017

* You can now view the faction dominance at either faction stone.
- All events are listed with their status.
- The faction monitor updates once a minute instead of once an hour.
- Faction resource spawns will gradually refresh over a period of an hour.
* A bug preventing sellers from receiving their tokens has been fixed.
* Newly rececived "Recipe: Level Cake" is now sellable on the market.
- If you beg a GM, they can take old cake recipes and replace them with new ones.
* Players who do not score any points in a contest will no longer recieve guild awards.
* Pet level treats have been added.
- Vendors carry them for 2 tokens.
- If a pet has a skill level of 1.5, then a pet treat will give them 2.5 skill.
- If the pet is maxed out, then the pet treat won't be consumed.
- Please enjoy the grateful eating noises from your pets.
* Opening your player info will now show your daily grind status.
- There are three categories.
- You're probably expecting me to list them out, but I won't spoil the surprise.
- The maximum tokens earned per day is 20 per account instead of 15.
- If you max out any of the three categories, you'll receive an award.
- If we catch someone excessively pharming this system with multiple accounts, we'll ban you.
- Once we go to steam, and you can buy tokens, this system will probably be downgraded.
* You can now buy welcome cake mix.
- Any race can make a welcome cake from welcome cake mix.
- Cake mix costs 1 token.
- The result is a welcome cake with your name and guild on it.
- A welcome cake may be eaten once by any player.
- If the player is level 70 or lower AND the giving player is online, then this counts as a given cake in the Daily Grind.
- Eating the welcome cake gives the eater 15 pieces of useful beginner equipment.
- Ideally, you can use welcome cake to recruit new players.
- You can eat your own cake, but then you can't have it.
* Factional alignment has been added to the contest system.
- You must be juiced to score for your faction.
- A few of the contests have juice as a prize.
- It'll get better once we are sure it's working well.
* The resource spawn system has been changed.
- Resource spawns now have assigned spots.
- No more resources in the middle of trees or mushrooms.
- The spawns are quite a bit harder.
- The resources should be quite a bit better overall.
* A pet nurse has been added to the Mother Goose village.
- Her name is Dr. Catgirl.
- She likes pink.
- She can heal your pet for 5 tokens.
- Your pet must be stowed away to be healed.
- We may change this up a bit once we see how it's working.
* Pet first aid kits are now for sale.
- These kits can heal a pet anywhere.
- They cost 10 tokens.
- Your pet must be stowed away to be healed.