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Navigation Mesh Support

posted on August 29th, 2017

* Password storage changes from the previous release was preventing people from creating new accounts.
* Creating an account with a duplicate E-mail gives you a better diagnostic message.
* Several spelling errors in quests were fixed.
* Teddy's cigar doesn't cause errors anymore.
* Teleports work again.
* Spiritual Jaws has messages describing the reflected damage, but it was always working.
* Market items should now return to their owners. This has been broken for years and no one noticed?
* Vendors really sell market credits. Really!
* The 2hl server now uses Detour/Recast to generate navigation meshes and critters use them for walking
- This has been in works for months, and took a lot of time.
- Critters shouldn't walk through trees or walls.
- Critters will still see you through walls or trees, but will chase you around before hitting you.
- This is just the first phase of using this software. Expect better things later.
* GM's now have the ability to create a short login message in case there is something you should know.