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Final Contest 2 of 3!

posted on August 19th, 2017

* Market Changes
- Only ten items may be place on the market for free
- Additional items may be placed using Market Credits
- Later, there will be a way to earn Complimentary Market Credits
- Market Credits have been placed back on the vendors.
- A Market chat channel has been added. You might need to add it manually. New players will get it automatically added.
- Browsing the market shows 100 items at a time versus 20.
* getting a power gem for the "Invasion of Lord Sitish" event has been reduced.
* Added a lot of new load screen tips
* You can now change your guild's abbreviation. Any guild leader should be able to do this in the guild dialog.
* The news is more readable. See!!!
* Global player saves during a server shutdown now verifies the player save is complete.
* Hammer smash, magnum, scratch, pounce, and forge flames now round their damage in the combat log.
* If you find a bug we are unaware of, please talk to a GM about it and we'll gift you a combat monkey.
* Only the pokey ball users gets Elliot.
* The gather limitations with collection albums have been removed

This next update is going to be about critter movement. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it better.