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Even more of Patch 2 of 3

posted on August 13th, 2017

* Guild members with the correct access may now send guild notifications. A guild leader may grant access using the edit title function.
* Guild leaders should not always appear online
* Guild members with the correct access may now open the guild vault.
- To minimize confusion the old vaults are called personal vaults.
- Guild vaults store the same number of items as a personal vault.
- Two NPCs have been added who are guild vault keepers. Grindal is in the sheep village. Valtris is in the wolf village.
- When a guild member opens the guild vault, the entire guild receives a message over guild chat.
- If a second guild member opens the guild vault, the first guild member's guild vault window closes.
- Per the suggestion from DeGras, the player inventory is now opened with either vault.
- Item space deeds now work on guild vaults.
* notifications will not always show an notification arrival dialog.
- Contest scored prizes will NOT show a dialog (because you're probably in combat)
- Contest ranked prizes WILL show a dialog (you should be out of combat)
- Guild notifications will NOT show a dialog
- someone buying your item off of the market will NOT show a dialog
- A GM sending you a notification WILL show a dialog (We gotta let them feel powerful.)
- Your GM page WILL show you a dialog
- Currency exchange notifications will NOT show you a dialog
* Title justification in the contest prize windows have been change so that things look nice and lined up.
* Sapper crows got nerfed. They still do a whole bunch of nature damage though.
* Default attacks no longer show you a dozen points of precision. Just one. 12.6 versus 12.618283748183
* We are continuing to stomp out server event-contest bugs. Please be patient, we are getting closer.

This next week is about updating the market system, so grabbing a GM and giving them a piece of your mind or venting on a message board DOES get factored into the decisions. The current thoughts are to allow a certain number of free concurrent market postings (such as ten), and go back to using market credits and complimentary ones too.