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More of the Second Release

posted on August 6th, 2017

* The server event contest names have been unified.
* Server events occur at 6 hour intervals.
* Contest awarded resources will now auto stack in your inventory.
* Combat pets now get experience when the owning player is in a group.
* When a player is defeated, their summoned pets are unsummoned.
* Wolf Hunting Howl will no longer consume HAM or unhide a wolf if there isn't a valid target.
* Market item asking prices have been limited to 100,000 gold.
* New created food items such as Iron Rations should appear in the right market categories.
* Right clicking on buffs to dismiss them is more reliable.
(If your mouse moved between the down and up, it didn't count.)
* The name of your guild name and abbreviation now appears in your guild window.
* The group window has a title for moving the window easily.

When will the second release be done? I'll need all the promised guild features, market usability changes, and server events working smoothly in the contest system.