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Content Patch 1 of 3

posted on July 23rd, 2017

This is the first of three non-Steam content releases. The focus of this release has been adding a pet combat system. Since the Origami monkey turned out to be a horrid pet, I decided to upgrade it to a combat monkey. Also, a lot of misc. fixes went into this release as well.

Monkey Business First!
* All Origami Monkeys will be seized and sent to a training camp. (You'll never see them again.)
* As compensation for losing an Origami Monkey, the player will receive a Combat Monkey.
* Since you may have put in some time leveling up your combat monkey, all awarded Combat Monkeys will be given 300 levels.
* You can now buy Combat Monkeys from a pet merchant for 100 tokens. These monkeys will start at level 0.
* All the butterfly contests has been altered to award Combat Monkeys. These monkeys too will start at level 0.
* When you first summon your combat monkey, your monkey will be given a name and a set of commands.
* Each command has a number of levels associated with it. The monkey will be given commands until they equal or exceed 300.
* A little windows will open up with the Combat Monkey's status and commands.
* Only the usable combat commands will be visible. Once you master a command, the next command will appear in the command bar.
* You can hover your mouse over the HAM bar and see the status of your monkey including commands, max level, and other stuffs.
* Yes, I have decided that stuffs is the plural of stuff.
* Hovering over a command icon will allow you to see information about it including all the attributes.
* The levels assoiated with command range from 40 to 100.
* The attack command is special and has no levels associated with it. All combat pets get it first.
* It's possible to have a monkey with a maximum of 300 to 390 levels.
* The order of the commands picked is important as well. Your first command can still grow even after it is maxed out.
* Monkeys gain a percentage of your experience, but monkey experience is calculated based on the level of the monkey.
* You might gain no experience, but the monkey could be gaining just fine.
* Each command has a cooldown timer with just just like a player skill.
* If a command is cooling down, it is disabled.
* Clicking on the HAM bar or the empty portion of the command bar selects your Combat Monkey.
* If you unsummon a Combat Monkey with an active timer, then you cannot re-summon that same monkey until the timer expires.
* If your Combat Monkey is defeated, you cannot re-summon that same monkey for 16 hours.
* You can NOW heal pets.
* You cannot heal or resurrect a dead pet.
* Combat Monkeys can only be summoned out of battle.
* You can desummon Combat Monkeys at any time.
* Combat Monkeys will show their name unless they are stealthed.
* You can have a maximum of two Combat Monkeys out at the same time.
* Opening up the world map allows you to track your monkeys just as you can track your group members.
* Creating Purr Pets or Dolly Clones will add them to the same window as combat pets.
* Purr Pets or Dolly Clones don't have the rich set of attacks as Combat Monkeys -- just plain attack.
* The panic button (the old way to tell pets to attack) will be leaving.
* Purr Pets and Dolly Clones are trackable on the world map now as well.
* This system is very new, and very unbalanced, and most likely to change.

Bug Fixes/Changes
* Dolly now shows the duration in the buff bar
* The wolf skill Nova will no longer work if the wolf doesn't possess enough mana.
* Going into a player instance and editing an item no longer crashes the client.
* There was a server crash associated with inventory. It's fixed!
* Posting an item to the market in excess of 2 billion gold caused the item to be lost. That is fixed.
* All the items lost to the market bug have been recovered and placed in the player's inventory.
* 12,600 items were recovered. If you have a too many items to log in, you may need to request assistance.
* Hitting enter rapidly to bypass all the client log screen now has the expected behavior and doesn't crash.
* Sushi is now...... tradeable.
* Paris can no longer backstab. In fact, she can't attack you if your back is turned.
* Bringing up the world map will now default to the magnet view so the player is centered.
* Dragging items from the inventory to function bars, scissors, or trash was semi-broken. I don't even know how it worked EVER. It's now fixed.
* Player experience gained from combat is now more generous.
* The Peaceful Glade now has an icon.
* Add Player slot now can add up to 100 slots instead of 12.
* Healing Bleat now uses the correct attribute to calculate its power.