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Code Signing and Green Light

posted on June 11th, 2017

There is a new patcher for Secondhand Lands. Just uninstall the old patcher, and get the new one on the Secondhand Lands website. Your account won't be deleted. I promise!!!

I haven't been putting out a lot of cool game play changes for the past month because I've been working on some basic infrastructure stuff.
* The database is now backed up daily. This has been in place for a month or two.
* Daily backups are wisked away from the game server to a different server in a different geographic location that is also backed up. So, if the unthinkable happens where we lose the entire game server, then you should lose at most one day of effort.
* The new patcher uses a new hash function that is far faster and has a better distribution. This means the game launches faster.
* The old patcher will continue to work, but you should update to the new patcher.
* The new patcher gives you file progress in 32K chunks. This prevents people from thinking their launcher is hanging when it's downloading a huge 12 megabyte file.
* The new patcher, the client, the launcher, all the DLLs are now code signed. The code signing certificate is for Callipygian Games, LLC.
- Code singing just means that you are receiving the code I sent you. No third part has altered it. For example, no one has inserted a virus or malware.
- Operating Systems such as Windows 8 and some varients of Windows 10 REQUIRE code to be code signed. Windows 8 users were often having problems patching the client.
- Code signing is really simple, but getting the certification is a huge hassel. So now, Callipygian Games, LLC is wearing "Big Girl" panties. :)
- If you install the Callipygian Games, LLC code certificate, then you'll have fewer clicks during updates.

... and probably most importantly. Steam has accepted Secondhand Lands for Green Light despite my prolific use of Comic Sans! Maybe someone at Steam likes Comic Sans too. I really want to thank you guys for backing me up on the Steam website. I read all of your reviews and rebutals of negative comments. It gets hard to produce a game where I've never physically met a single player. Seeing you guys get behind me really makes me feel energized. I don't have a time estimate on when we will be integrated with Steam, but I will say that I'll make sure to do it right and take my time. I don't want you guys to be disappointed.

In the meantime, we are going to have a bunch of game play changes to make Secondhand Lands more fun.

P.S. Why haven't you updated to the new patcher yet!!