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3/29/17 Bug Fixes!

posted on March 29th, 2017

* fixed several effects affect by the time system changes.
* added a button to toggle the bold text
- it's in the text log editor
- you can set it differently per text log
* the time of day with relation to the sun/moon should be working
* Items posted on the market will stay on for fourteen days instead of seven days.
* Fixed buffs with no duration showing huge durations
* New server hardware - no more unexplained reboots!!!
* Fix the catgirl ears
* The cost for the sheep skill Dolly has been greatly reduced
* It's much less likely for events to collide.
* Mushroom tiles now produce mushrooms of the correct size
* The contest window now has a mini-view
- play with it, I don't want to explain the details
- players teasing their mini-view will be looked down upon
* Guild system promotions/demotions will stick especially after the player was recently added.
* Deleted players can be recovered for 24 hours
* You may notice a daily message of the database backup if you're lucky enough to be on. Don't move while it's going on!
* Simple icon buttons such as the system menu and close menu now allows the mouse to move between the down and up click. This was an annoying thing that made the button not register a click.
* After a stern lecture, Monkey's shouldn't close trade windows any more.

Next Patch:
* I'll be adding custom titles for guilds
* A pokey contest is looking pretty likely