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2/24/17 New Contests and Combat

posted on February 24th, 2017

* Helper Fairy fixed
* Exit crash the client during server shutdowns should be fixed
* added new backstabbing stats
* attacker orientation now affects your damage to increase or decrease it. This affects critters too. If an attack is close range and has a single target, I apply this modification to the damage. Ranged or attacks with multiple targets aren't affected.
- default attack(all races)
- head butt(sheep)
- ram(sheep)
- shin kick(sheep)
- back kick(sheep, but you need to face away!)
- bite(wolf)
- hamstring(wolf)
- maim(wolf)
- pin(wolf)
- shred(wolf)
- tackle(wolf)
- lunge(wolf)
- hammer smash(scrapper)
- pounce(catgirl)
- scratch(catgirl)
* found the bug that caused contests to expire immediatly!
* a closed contest window will no longer query the contest scores
* fixed smoke and rabies effects (after breaking them in the previous release)
* control-C opens the contests window - you can reconfigure this
* the contest graphic doesn't render if you make the contests window transparent
* fixed the blue lightning from jumping between the teleporter and ripper.
* your own speech is now bolded in the text log
* I restored the original login screen music. It's pretty nice.
* the lighting for the smelter is working again
* I changed the timing model for the client, so if you see any effects that don't show up or don't animate properly, please report it.
* I'm working on getting the forums fixed.
* Two new crafting contests were added
- Each contest has different crafting buffs, but both give double experience
- The prizes are pretty incredible. Take a look.
- I'll be looking for feedback on the contest scoring. I don't want this particular contest to become a grind fest.