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Patch: 2/12/17 - Contest System

posted on February 12th, 2017

* The tooltip for the sit buff indicator has a much better explaination.
* I fixed an issue where any tabbed view would randomly ignore clicks.
* Level cookies are back, but you must be great at butterfly catching to win them.
* A new recipe that bakes a level cake is available, but it requires five level cookies. One level cake gives you ten levels. Also, this is the first inventory based recipe. Maybe we can expect more. Only scrappers can bake cakes of course.
* Origami Monkey has been added as a butterfly contest prize. There are three variations on the monkey: health, action, mana. You can only have one of each stat open at any time. So, if you have a health monkey, an action monkey, and a mana monkey, you may use all three at the same time.
* You can temporarily dismiss the helper fairy.
* A time problem with the server has been resolved. The server should not have timing issues until I'm long dead. Thank you Emily B. for your patience! Previously, the server would go wonky after fifty days.
* Popup menu labels no longer activate the popup menu. This might sound like a bad thing, but it was pretty annoying. I'd be willing to back this out if someone has a compelling case.
* Some of the brown text has been darkened. I'm very receiptive to making things more readable. Expecially, since I'm nearly fifty, and my vision is not improving.
* Preloaded eye slot gems can now be won from the butterfly contest. They include nearly maxed out health, action, and mana regeneration.
* The big feature of this patch is the contest system.
- Contests will repeat once each month.
- The first contest added is the butterfly contest. There are four variations of the butterfly contest.
- Normally, you'll have a week to see an upcoming contest. You'll be able to see the rules, scoring criteria, scored prizes, and ranked prizes ahead of time. Finally, you can plan your life around these things.
- When contests are up coming, you'll see a count down to the beginning of the contest. Contests start at midnight. As of this patch, the servers no longer run on Central time. Instead they work off of GMT, zero time, or whatever you want to call it. Also, all previously scheduled events will be re-scheduled once due to the time system changes. You might see some strange buff durations too. :(
- When the contest is active, you'll be able to see the top ten scorers in the butterfly contest. This list will be refreshed on your client every ten seconds. Hmmm... this sounds like a great way to find out who the hot shots are?!?
- For guilds, we only display the top three guilds. Yes, I do expect people to start making large uber guilds to farm these contests.
- If your guild earns a scored prize when you're offline, then you'll still win this prize the next time you log into the server.
- Once the contest ends, everyone who is on-line will receive their prizes immediately. Players who are not on-line, will receive their prizes when they log in next time.
- You only have a week after the contest end to receive your prizes, so make sure you log in!