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New Contest System

posted on February 8th, 2017

It's been a while since Secondhand Lands have gotten some lov'n, but in a few days a whole lot of love and hugs will be released. Along with the obligatory bug fixes, a whole new contest system is being added. The first contest to be added is a butterfly hunt. This contest will happen four times a month.

All contests will have some pretty nice prizes such as rare resources, equipment resources, and rare items. The featured rare item for the butterfly contest is Origami Monkey. This monkey will periodically fold a butterfly which will fly around you and protect you. There are three flavors of Origami Monkeys: health, action, and mana. One thing that isn't apparent is that Origami Monkey can slowly gain skill as it folds more and more butterflies. Increases in skill will allow it to fold butterflies faster, and increase it's total butterfly capacity.

Each contest will have ranked prizes so first place will get the best prizes followed second, third, etc... Also, as you accumulate points in the contest anyone can get other prizes. The contest window shows you all these details and your progress. If you're in a guild, then you can compete against other guilds and get additional prizes. I think the guild system will suddenly become very important.

One other thing to consider is that adding additional contests is pretty easy. So expect to see some PvP, crafting, and treasure hunts.