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May 27th

posted on May 27th, 2008

* Changed remaining Monkies to Monkeys (i think)
* Changed the rules of rape obscenity filtering (grape or scraped)
* Temporary waypoints now last 10 minutes instead of 2 minutes
* The browse radius and dialog closing radius now match up.
* Changed more references of Grom to Grog
* Changed a reference of Bernie to Bearnie
* De-stinkifier is now spelled consistently
* fixed grammar in Callista's quest
* the function bar will not fire off with numbers typed into text edit fields
* teleportation tokens have all been repaired
* the location of Miffy the Litigious Ducking has been corrected.
* the vault capacities are now observed
* items placed in the vault will stack if possible
* fixed another server crash relating to the new vault
* Since Dagar has won the key mapping contest, his keys have been added to the default setup
* Fixed an issue where having a printable key to activate history would corrupt the previous/next command
* Item Space Deeds are now available from Shortcut in the Nod mushroom
* Using a faction chip now displays a buff indicator with no time expiration
* Using a faction chip during the declaration phase gives you an appropriate message
* Fixed a bug where hitting a new critter in combat would not switch your default target
* Combat target changes only happend for the initial target or if nothing is selected
* Pivoting while sitting no longer generates hours of fun and laughter. You just pivot.
* Most dialogs default to the center of the screen.
* Added a cool dialog for selecting between multiple keyboard layout schemes.
- It's really sad because we only have one keyboard layout scheme.
* Crows, bees and fairies can now fly. Ducks can't fly!
* Fixed the crow's combat idle.
* There's now a nice new action icon for displaying the news.
* Expert makeup kits now really delete themselves.
* Wedding Hats er... Veils now display properly
* Special item generation is now fixed. Please properly dispose of any previous special items.
* Deleting an equiped item now unequips it properly.