26th May 2007

Pictured above - latest pictures from Secondhand Lands. In the first picture we see Peepers checking out the beautiful sunset, whilst in the second we see Bo peep


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We at Callipygian Games love to bring you new worlds to explore and enjoy. Our worlds center on the quirky and unlikely aspects of fantasy instead of the mainstream worlds full of humans, dwarves and elves.

We don't make unique worlds just because they're different. Instead, we strive to give our customers that "first time" experience everytime when they visit one of our worlds. We do this by giving them fun game play, unusual physics, and flexible combat systems.

Currently, our main product is Secondhand Lands. It's a small MMO with only two races: sheep and wolves. While there are humans in the world, they aren't playable races. The lore of the world is centered around the fairy tales of our youth such as the Grimm fairy tales. Of course we didn't adapt the lore directly.

We took a lot of thought in twisting the plots so that they intertwine and intersect each other in interesting ways. As the player gains skill, they also gain knowledge of the world's lore. It's this lore that helps to empower the player in this new and strange world.




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