Secondhand Lands


Secondhand Lands is the massively multiplayer online game set in a fairytale world colored with parody and witty fun. The heroes are comprised of a motley crew of wolves, sheep, catgirls, and scrappers who have pledged their undying allegiance to either Little Bo Peep or Red Riding Hood. Well, perhaps not undying...

Wolf Survival of the Fittest is more than a mantra - it's a state of being. Lone Wolves easily make the strongest fighters, and they are also the fastest on foot. A retreating Wolf is hard to track down, and fights with Wolves are rarely fair. With their stealth, they will pounce on their opponent when they see a moment of weakness. Wolves also know how to focus their mysticism by calling upon the spirits with their chilling Howls, striking terror into the hearts of even the stoutest Sheep.

Wolf The Sheep have developed a strong sense of order by keeping the needs of their flock ahead of their own desires. This philosophy has allowed the Sheep to survive and thrive in the face of the superior Wolves. Sheep aren't as fast as Wolves, but there are some compensations for the wooly-coated ones. They have amazing jumping abilities, special ramming attacks, and downright baa-zar flocking bonuses. While a Wolf will probably take down a single Sheep, in a group battle the conclusion is by no means foregone.

Wolf With the spirit of a cat and the body of a girl, Catgirls must balance their feline tendencies with their human ones. Catgirls are incredible dancers and can summon bard like powers to increase the moral of their group members or to destroy their enemies. You can often find Catgirls using their incredible powers of shopping to get free coupons, too. Due to their small size, these denizens of dance are very slow, but Catgirls can mount sheep or wolves to make up for their slow speed.

Wolf Scrappers are a bipedal assortment of creatures not very interested in battle. With opposable thumbs and the inclination to use them, Scrappers can craft equipment, bake foods, smelt ore, re-enchant items, or bake tiles of awesome power. Due to their small size, Scrappers are very slow and aren't very good at hand to hand combat, but when mounted on a Sheep or Wolf their powers of tilomancy make them a force to be reckoned with. There are 12 different kinds of Scrapper forms to choose from: bear, bull, cat, deer, dragon, fox, goat, lizard, sheep, skunk, squirrel, and wolf.

After you’ve created your character, utilize the highly configurable skill system in Secondhand Lands to create a custom build. Skill points can be spent towards acquiring 24 race-specific skills or tweaking your abilities with a known skill. With 300 skill points to spend, no two players will be alike!

Venture forth and help steal cable for the gnomes or solve the mystery of the Forest of Poorly Animated creatures in some of the over 120 handwritten quests that add decided flavor to the world.

When the going gets tough, mount other players and ride together into battle to utilize one another’s abilities with forceful results that will leave your opponents stunned, shocked, and awed.

Best of all, Secondhand Lands is free to play! Take advantage of everything the game has to offer and advance through the game to level 300 without spending a dime. Download and try it out today!

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